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Bostik offers a complete range of high performance and innovative flexible packaging solutions to meet your storage, transportation, marketing and productivity needs.

As a pioneer in flexible packaging technologies, our customized solutions provide you with cutting edge packaging technology to meet the most demanding packaging applications.

We partner with food manufacturers, medical packaging professionals and other industrial innovators to develop the fast-curing, environmentally-friendly products that define modern flexible packaging. From medical packaging to specific food packaging implementations, such as cheese and meat packaging, Bostik has a technology to meet your need.

Smart innovations

Our smart adhesives are at the forefront of flexible packaging manufacturing. Innovative products such as our solvent-based adhesive for aluminum foil bonding, our Turbo-seal® cold seal ­­­products and our Vitel® products for many diverse packaging applications, are all leading the way in flexible packaging manufacture.

Our customers especially benefit from our innovative and patented reseal products. Our M-Resin technology can be converted for use on all coextrusion lines and the resealable film can be used on existing packaging equipment. Our M-Resin solutions meets consumer expectations for more sustainable development, as well as demands for freshness throughout the entire food consumption lifecycle.